Meet DNR’s new lead recreation planner: Glenn Glover

Glenn Glover
Glenn stops for a photo with his dogs Kota, left, and Scarry, right in the Okanogan Wenatchee National Forest. Photo courtesy Glenn Glover.

There’s a new talent helping DNR to reach its goals: Glenn Glover. Glenn joined the agency in September as a lead recreation planner that will help DNR’s recreation program continue to develop high quality recreation destinations.

Part of Glenn’s role will be working with organizations, tribes and communities across the state.

As an opportunity to let you get to know him a little better, we asked him a few questions.

What is it about serving the citizens of Washington and the work that you’ll be doing that attracted you to this position with DNR?
I wanted to take the experience and success that I had in serving and providing recreation to one user group, which was mountain bikers of Washington state, and turn that into an opportunity to support a broader range of recreation users, whether that be hiking, motorcycling, horseback riding, four wheel driving, trail running, climbing, mountain biking, fishing, boating, ATV – or a new emerging recreation.

What are you bringing to DNR’s efforts that will help the agency to be successful in its mission?
One of the strengths that I bring is a strong attention to the user experience – the reasons why people recreate – and how to make that as satisfying as possible while still meeting our trust obligations.  I can provide a new perspective, which can be helpful in seeing opportunities to do things in new ways.

Glenn Glover
Glenn mountain biking in the Colville National Forest near Sherman Pass. Photo courtesy Glenn Glover.

What motivates you to get outdoors?
The ways that I personally recreate and experience the outdoors is very diverse.  At times it is for peace and quiet, solitude, and slowing my mind.  At other times it will include excitement, the chance to challenge my limits, and comradery with friends and partners.   The common element through all of it is connecting with nature and coming away feeling recharged.

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