Shout out to Dirty Harry’s Peak trail volunteers

Dirty Harry's Peak trail
Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail, near North Bend, is popular for hiking and rock climbing. Photo/ DNR.

Big thanks to DNR volunteers and our partners from the Washington Trails Association who are helping DNR rebuild the Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail, located in the Snoqualmie Corridor near North Bend.

Volunteers have hand built about one-third of a mile of what will be a four-and-a-half-mile trail to Dirty Harry’s Peak, which provides breathtaking views of the Snoqualmie Valley.

The volunteers’ renovations will lessen the grade of the trail, which also passes some popular rock climbing areas. The project is expected to finish in spring of 2017.

Join the effort 
Want to get involved? DNR and Washington Trails Association have Dirty Harry’s Peak Trail work parties planned through December. Visit our calendar for upcoming events.

Dirty Harry's Peak
DNR and Washington Trails Association volunteers laid the foundation for the future Dirty Harry’s Peak trail. Photo/ DNR.

A recreation destination 
Dirty Harry’s Peak is located in DNR’s Middle Fork Snoqualmie Natural Resources Conservation Area, a 10,280-acre landscape on the western edge of the Cascade Mountains. The conservation area includes some of DNR’s other popular recreation sites, like the newly renovated Mailbox Peak trail and the Mine Creek picnic area, popular for whitewater kayaking.

Planning for high-quality recreation
To learn more about upcoming recreation opportunities in the Snoqualmie Corridor, visit our Snoqualmie Corridor Recreation Plan, which we published in March.

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