Geoduck help improve fishing pier at Edmonds

Geoduck from Puget Sound. Photo: DNR

How are geoduck making it nicer to fish in Edmonds?

Thanks to revenue generated by DNR’s management of Washington’s aquatic lands — which includes revenue from geoduck harvests — the public fishing pier in Edmonds is being rebuilt. The pier is being replaced with a funding boost from the state’s Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA).

The steel supports beneath the 40-year-old pier that draws some 100,000 visitors every year was beginning to rust and decay, according to local news outlets. So beginning next month, a new pier will be built under the guidance of the City of Edmonds and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife.

As manager of 2.6 million acres of shorelands, tidelands and bedlands owned by Washington, DNR regularly auctions the right to harvest wild geoducks. That money is put into the ALEA for the acquisition, improvement, or protection of aquatic lands for public purposes.

In 2015, DNR’s management of state-owned aquatic lands generated more than $17 million for future aquatic improvements from the ALEA program.

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