The tree you save may be your own

Healthy urban trees
Smart planning assures not just lots of trees for urban areas, but a healthy and sustainable urban forest. Photo: DNR

If you believe that healthy trees and forests are important to the future of cities and towns here in the Evergreen State, you’ll want to sign up for DNR’s coolest online newsletter, the Tree Link.

Tree Link publicizes tips for proper tree care, research about community trees and their benefits, opportunities for training and grant funding, and trends affecting urban and community forests in Washington.

The Tree Link is delivered to subscribers every month by email. Each edition contains 8-10 articles written by DNR’s Urban and Community Forestry Program to be timely, informative and concise, with just a dash of whimsy to keep it interesting.

Readership is increasing. More and more, Washingtonians recognize that trees are essential to the health, character, safety and livability of their communities. They understand that trees and forests need people to care for them properly, and they are turning to the Tree Link for advice.

The tree you save may be your own, so be proactive and subscribe to Tree Link today.

If what I say resonates with you, it’s merely because we’re branches of the same tree”

~ William Butler Yeats

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