Spring ahead to prepare your home for fire; Ciscoe Morris shows you how

Click on the image to see Ciscoe Morris' videos for preparing your home for wildfire.
Click on the image to see Ciscoe Morris’ videos for preparing your home for wildfire.

You lose an hour this Sunday morning, because that’s when our clocks spring forward for daylight savings time. That’s actually great news, since you get more daylight.

What will you do with your extra daylight? We have an idea…

Learn landscaping tips from the pro, Ciscoe Morris, who is a master gardener and certified arborist. He hosts four TV shows that DNR is pleased to feature on its YouTube channel. The Ciscoe on: Fire topics include:  Communities Taking Action; Beetle Invasion; Fighting Fire with Flowers; and Fire Resistant Home and Landscaping Ideas.

Landscaping offers one of the best returns on investments for homes. Incorporating some fire resistant techniques around the exterior of your house can make it look better — and give your some peace of mind.

The potential for fire danger is increasing in forests and other outlying areas, even in the urban and community forests closer to home. Now’s a great time to check out other things you can do to prepare for wildfire.

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