Put that lost hour in perspective with stunning view of geologic time

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Upset over that lost hour from the switch to Daylight Savings Time? DNR geologists can help put that into the perspective of a geologic time frame in which that hour isn’t even a blip.

A new interpretation from DNR’s Division of Geology and Earth Resources of lidar scans of the Chehalis River flood plain reveals how Washington’s natural forces change and sculpt the land over long periods of time, capturing those changes in stunning and beautiful ways.

As the river has swollen and shrunk with the seasons, it has carved new channels, escaped the confines of river banks and sculpted the land between Pe Ell and Oakville.

The map, made by new GIS Cartographer Daniel Coe, uses data from past lidar scans to show that movement. Elevation along the river changes from white to dark red as it has been influenced by the channel’s migration and past flood events.

More than anything, this map is a display of the revolutionary capacity of lidar maps. These accurate, high-resolution pictures of the earth’s surface allows geologists to see the surface of the earth.

Thanks to support from the Washington legislature last year, DNR is expanding the lidar view of Washington to provide our state’s communities information about the geology around them.

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