Trees: a timeless gift to the future

Commissioner Goldmark shows kids how to plant a tree for National Arbor Day.
Commissioner Goldmark shows kids how to plant a tree for National Arbor Day.

Today is National Arbor Day, and we begin a new age with the planting of a western red cedar.

With help from Capitol Campus Child Care kids, Public Lands Commissioner Peter Goldmark helped plant a young western red cedar today on the state’s Capitol Campus. It replaces a nearly 100 years old large western red cedar that was removed due to public safety concerns.

Prior to the tree being taken down, the Nisqually and Squaxin tribes paid tribute. They blessed the tree with a traditional ceremony, invoking their deep cultural and spiritual connection with western red cedars throughout the ages.

The planting of new trees is not always for ourselves, but for the next generation who will continue to steward our state’s natural resources. For each new tree planted in our community is an investment towards less pollution in our waterways, resilient property values, healthy habitat for fish and wildlife, clean drinking water, and high quality of life in our neighborhoods.

DNR’s Urban and Community Forestry Program is working with communities statewide to care and maintain urban forests. You can find out more about the care of trees by talking with a certified arborist or visiting DNR’s website at

Learn more about the benefits of trees on the Arbor Day Foundation webpage.

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