It’s Wildfire Awareness Month! Homeowners in wildfire country are taking action

rp_fire_prevention_570pxMay is Wildfire Awareness Month and eight states have joined together to spread the word about the dangers wildfires pose and the simple steps you can take to prepare for and prevent them.

Washington experiences its heaviest wildfire activity during the summer, but fires occur during all seasons, including spring.

There’s no better time than the month of May to turn up your awareness for wildfire and start preparing. This time of year plants are green and retain moisture. Yet, this is a great point to look at your property in terms of what will endanger it when fire conditions in July and August reach high or extreme.

Homeowners should look at the little things that cause homes to go up in smoke, because it’s typically not the flaming fire front that burns houses, but rather the needles in gutters and debris on the rooftop. A good way to start is to clean gutters, roofs, and debris under decks: remove woodpiles stacked near the house: and make sure all vents are screened properly.

When creating your landscape, choose fire resistant species and stay away from arbor vitae and juniper. Clear vegetation away from the house, remove hazard trees near structures, and make sure driveways are wide enough for emergency vehicles to access your house.

The choices we make greatly influence the vulnerability of our homes to wildfire. Join DNR and partnering organizations to help your community take action against wildfire damage.

Workshops offered

What:             A free workshop to learn how reduce wildfire risk and improve forest                                    health

When:            May 14

Where:           Klickitat PUD in Goldendale


What:              A free Firewise workshop to learn how to prepare for wildfire

When:             May 17 and 18

Where:            Enduris Training Facility in Airway Heights/Spokane


For more information on future wildfire workshops, please follow DNR’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

You can also learn more about what DNR has to offer to help you prepare for wildfire.

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