Happy Independence Day! Keep this land of liberty wildfire-free

Campfires should never be left unattended. Always be sure it’s completely out and cool to the touch.

The Fourth of July weekend calls for warmer and dryer conditions just perfect for celebrating the land of the free and the brave with friends and family. Yet, our warming temperatures also make it easier to accidentally start wildfires.

We don’t want your celebration to take a sad turn, so here are some tips to help keep this a fun and enjoyable weekend:

  • Remember that it’s illegal to discharge fireworks, tracer bullets and exploding targets on DNR-managed lands,
  • Never leave a campfire unattended, and be sure it is completely out before leaving the area,
  • Don’t park vehicles in dry, grassy areas as the heat from exhaust systems can ignite the dry grass,
  • Be sure ORVs have working spark arresters, and
  • Rethink any open flames if winds start to pick up – wind creates conditions that make fire difficult to put out.

Washington state’s wildfires are mostly human-caused, so knowing these tips and other about how to prevent wildfires is always a good idea. Whether it’s fireworks, cigarettes or anything that sparks a fire, it’s absolutely essential that people not add to an increasing wildfire situation this summer. Instead of taking a chance by shooting off fireworks, you may want to leave it to the professionals by visiting a local fireworks show.

Defend your home

If you choose to stay home this holiday weekend, why not use the time to prepare your home for wildfire.  Learn how to create defensible space from DNR and the Firewise Program.

Report fire

If you see smoke or fire, call 911. Even if you’re unsure, a false alarm is better than a large wildfire.

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