DNR reaches out to western Washington’s small forest landowners

DNR Natural Resources Specialist Josh Meek provides technical advice to small forest landowners in western Washington. Photo: Bob Redling/DNR

More than 3 million acres of Washington forests — about half the state’s private forestland — are held by small forest landowners. Reaching out to these independent small woodland owners and providing them technical advice about Washington state’s Forest Practices rules, forest health and wildfire prevention is Josh Meek of DNR’s Small Forest Landowner Office.

With a background that includes degrees in forestry and education, in addition to working in several other state and federal forestry positions, Josh is well positioned to guide landowners through Washington state’s complex rules for harvesting timber, building forest roads, thinning for forest health and wildfire prevention, and other work in the forest.

In this recently created position at DNR, Josh will spend a good deal of his time on the road, on the phone and on email contacting small forest landowners in western Washington. His services, which are provided at no charge, include helping small forest landowners delineate riparian management zones around forest streams and wetlands, implement low-impact timber harvest techniques, and answer general questions about the state’s Forest Practices Rules and Forest Practices Applications, including alternate plans and long-term applications intended for small forest landowners.

State law defines a small forest landowner as someone who harvests no more than 2 million board feet per year on average from forestland that he or she owns. (RCW 76.09.450)

Even if you are not a small forest landowner, there’s a good chance you might run into Josh if you attend a forestry educational event, such as the Puget Sound Forest Owners Field Day on August 27 in Snoqualmie.

If you are interested in Josh’s  services, please contact him at joshua.meek@dnr.wa.gov.

Find other forest events for families and small forest landowners, including the San Juan Forest Owners Field Day on Lopez Island on September 17, online at WSU Extension Forestry.