Take a look under Washington for Earth Science Week

It’s Earth Science Week!

Around the nation, scientists, educators and students are celebrating the forces that make up our planet.

DNR is home to the Washington Geologic Survey. This crew of geologists continues a long history of documenting and presenting the story of how the earth’s forces formed Washington in visual ways that help students, educators, citizens and community leaders know more about the constantly evolving land beneath us.


Made up of some 30 people, these talented and dedicated scientists are out every day documenting geologic hazards like earthquake faults and volcanoes; inventorying and regulating minerals and energy resources from the earth; untangling the stories told by our rocks; and publishing all this information in maps and publications.

All this information is easily accessible from your computer through our geologic information portal. In the portal, you can create, save, and print custom geologic maps for almost any location in the state, right down to street addresses.

Find out how DNR’s geologists are celebrating Earth Science Week by taking a look at Washington State Geology News, a DNR blog all about the origin, history and structure of the ground beneath our feet.

crsuapeu8aac7fhAnd come celebrate all that comes from that ground at our annual Rock Auction from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 12, in the Washington State Geology Library, 1111 Washington St SE, Room 173, Olympia WA. Funds raised from the “Rock-tion” benefit the Friends of the Washington Geology Library to supplement library purchases of books, journals, and educational materials.

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