Sorry, no cutting of Christmas trees in state forests (but we know where to find them)

Webster Nursery
No Christmas trees here. The 5.4 million seedlings raised last year at DNR’s Webster Forest Nursery (shown here) used to replant state trust lands after timber harvests (seedlings are also available for public sale in bundles of 100). Photo: DNR.

Yes, trecking into the woods on a crisp December day to cut your own Christmas tree is a beloved tradition for many people. But, no, the trees growing in Washington’s state forests are NOT available to cut for Christmas.

We don’t mean to be Scrooges but the trust forests in DNR’s care are intended for sustainably managed habitat, clean water, and revenue to the beneficiaries of state trusts. These beneficiaries include public schools, state universities, and public services, such as libraries and emergency medical services, in many counties.

When we do hold timber auctions, we seek the highest return to fund these many trust beneficiaries, which means waiting until the trees reach maturity.

Fortunately, there are many federal lands where you can legally cut your own Christmas tree for a small fee. There also are local local private tree farms that will allow you to cut your own tree.

National Forests

Private tree farms