Looking for a few (23 to be exact) good interns

Sam Woodson, DNR intern
During the summer of 2016, DNR intern Sam Woodson helps delineate and measure wetlands. Photo Glynis Gordon/DNR

Think DNR is just about fires and forestry? Think again. We employ professionals in diverse disciplines ranging from seismology to silviculture, entomology to hydrology, and many more. In fact, we offer some of the most diverse careers in state government.

To help develop future professionals, we turn to internships — both paid and unpaid — for  students pursuing an associate, bachelors, or graduate degree in relevant fields. We have several openings for salaried internships: nine in engineering, five in land surveying and eight in forestry, recreation, agriculture and other fields. An unpaid internship in Communications is open, too. Most of our interns work between May and September, however, we do have some year-round opportunities.

All of our internships are posted online on the DNR Jobs page — search on the category: “Internships.” You can also find DNR’s and other Washington state agency internship opportunities on www.careers.wa.gov

View our Employment and DNR Jobs page for more information on job opportunities or contact us at DNRRecruiting@dnr.wa.gov.