Share your volunteer experiences with us in a focus group session

Have you volunteered with DNR or have you been considering volunteering with DNR? Would you be willing to share a few of your thoughts and experiences around volunteering on DNR-managed lands with our staff to help improve future volunteer opportunities? DNR is looking for 25 people to join us to discuss volunteerism. Beginning this spring, Jim Cahill, a recreation manager in our Northwest Region, is coordinating focus group sessions in partnership with the University of Washington’s graduate research program to learn more about how we can better serve our current and future volunteers.

DNR depends heavily on the work of volunteers to keep recreation areas operating. By joining us for one focus group session, you’ll help us to improve how we can serve the needs and interests of people with a desire to volunteer while reducing perceived barriers to volunteering.

Each focus group will be a type of group interview or discussion centering around four main topics dealing with volunteer motivations and constraints and about how people plan and prepare to do volunteering.

Your two-and-a-half-hour focus group session will take place at the Washington State Light Industrial Park, 801 88th Ave, SE, Tumwater, WA 98501, on weekends starting mid-April (possibly May as well) on a Saturday or Sunday (which ever one works for participants).  Each focus group will have six to eight volunteer participants.  Meeting start times will be either 11 a.m. and ending a 2 p.m.; or 3 p.m., ending at 6 p.m. to fit participants’ schedules. Food and refreshments will be provided during the meetings.

Protecting your privacy

This research is being conducted under approval from the University of Washington and is designed to protect your personal information. No names will be used in any reports or other documentation such as audio transcriptions. Each participant will need to sign a UW consent form. All information provided by participants will be gathered as audio recordings.  Participants will be anonymous in any documentation material.

Get involved 

If you would like to participate please email Jim Cahill at and include your response to the question listed below. Participants must be 18 or older.

Please include the following information in your email reply:

Which best describes your volunteering history:

  • I have volunteered six or more times with DNR.
  • I have volunteered two to five times with DNR.
  • I have only volunteered once with DNR.
  • I have not yet volunteered with DNR.

Thank you for taking the time to consider being on a focus group to talk about your volunteering experiences with DNR. To learn more about volunteering on DNR-managed lands, visit our website.