Fall is Tree Planting Time and DNR has the Seedlings Foresters Need

We sell tree seedlings! That’s probably no surprise to the many small private land owners who have purchased seedlings from DNR’s Webster Forest Nursery to help meet state forest practices replanting requirements.

What you might not know is that our tree seedlings are grown to meet the many diverse climates, soil types and other variable conditions where trees are grown across the state. It starts with DNR employees gathering seed from forests throughout Washington state and from our own seed orchard.

Next are the important steps of sorting and packaging seed – annual tasks already underway. Check out this video showing the process.

Finally, the seeds are sown in nursery beds or greenhouses at the Webster Forest Nursery where they grow for up to two years. Seedlings are sold by species and stock type; the minimum order is 100 seedlings. Sales start Sept. 1 so be sure to check our seedling availability before ordering, as our inventory changes frequently.

Not sure which seedlings are best for your area? Contact a stewardship forester, who can visit your site to answer questions and offer suggestions. We have also written guidance on caring for your seedlings so they will grow and thrive.

Here’s a complete guide to success in planting forest seedlings.