How can timber harvests and recreation coexist?

Department of Natural Resources foresters, recreation managers, and recreation interest groups recently worked together to design a timber sale that contained sections of off-road vehicle trails that are part of the Walker Valley Off-Road Vehicle Area near Mount Vernon, Wa.

The goals were to design a timber sale and logging plan that both protected the trails and did not impact logging operations or timber sale revenue. To ensure success, the logging contractor was included in the pre-harvest meeting to review harvesting operations and confirm the location of designated trail crossings for logging purposes prior to starting.

After the harvest, DNR staff and recreation users walked through the area together to talk about how it went. According to Bob Langley with the Skagit Motorcycle Club, the loggers did a very good job of taking care of the trail.


Thank you to all our folks – internal and external – for working together to find the solutions that allow us to meet multiple goals.