Volunteer Fire Assistance Phase 1 grant opens March 8, 2019

Fire districts can order personal protective equipment (PPE) at 50% cost.

Several factors affect the impact of wildfire in Washington, including the capacity of rural fire districts to respond to wildfires.

That’s where DNR’s Fire District Assistance Program can help. We administer grants to help local fire districts and departments obtain more resources.

Eligible fire districts and departments can order personal protective equipment (PPE) and other fire equipment at 50 percent cost through the DNR Fire Cache beginning March 8, 2019. USDA Forest Service Volunteer Fire Assistance grant funding pays the other 50 percent.

Districts and departments can place orders for reduced cost PPE through an online shopping cart until April 30, 2019 or until grant funding is expended, whichever occurs first.

Interested? Learn more at the DNR Fire District Assistance webpage for eligibility requirements and ordering process.