Wildfire Contractors Needed

Want to help fight fires and protect communities across Washington?

In advance of fire season, DNR is reaching out to local communities to help people understand how to provide fire suppression resources to wildland firefighting efforts.

If you are interested in joining the qualified, trained, and available equipment operators who help DNR during wildfire season, check out our webpage for information on how to become a “Call When Needed” vendor.

Are you new to providing wildfire suppression equipment?

DNR is offering two Operator Safety Trainings for non-VIPR resources. All non-VIPR resources can sign up to be in a source list for Emergency Equipment Rental Agreements (EERA). This provides a statewide database of preseason vendor information to be used in combination with VIPR resources on DNR incidents. RSVP for the class through the contact below.

March 19 and 22 at 9 a.m.
Southeast Region Office
713 Bowers Road
Ellensburg, WA
Contact: Spencer Slyfield at spencer.slyfield@dnr.wa.gov

March 22 and 27 at 9 a.m.
Wenatchee Work Center
5552 Industry Lane
East Wenatchee, WA
Contact: Bobby LaPoint at robert.lapoint@dnr.wa.gov

Fire Suppression Resource Availability Agreements, commonly referred to as ”Call When Needed” Agreements, are preseason agreements used to support or engage in wildland firefighting. These agreements serve as an organized way to show DNR what private resources are available for hire within a specific geographic area or for their service specialty.

 DNR uses these preseason agreements to establish a pool of qualified, trained, and available vendors who can provide equipment and services in a timely fashion, upon request.

For people who want to learn how to provide resources for wildland fire suppression and what all it entails, go to the Provide Equipment and Services for Fire Suppression page on DNR’s website.