Check your burn pile! Is it completely out?

Follow the outdoor burning rules before lighting any fire.

Keep in mind that the major human cause of wildfires in Washington is outdoor burning. These escaped wildfires are investigated and, if you are found guilty, you can be fined. If burning is allowed in your area, the only material that can be burned is natural vegetation grown on the property where the burning occurs. Also, remember to be careful that smoke is not a nuisance to your neighbors.

Please know the rules before starting any outdoor burning. It also is illegal to use burn barrels in Washington.

DNR wants to encourage a variety of ways to rid your yard of waste instead of burning it. Since you run the risk of an escaped fire when burning (not to mention smoke pollution), why not consider different ways to do away with that yard waste.

  • Compost it – It’s a practical and convenient approach for disposing of yard waste. Any vegetable matter can be composted. Organic material, such as fallen leaves, grass clippings, weeds, and the remains of garden plants, make excellent compost.
  • Chip it – Turn large branches and debris into mulch. If you don’t already own a chipper, check with your local equipment rental agency. Invite your neighbors to join in to make it more cost efficient for everyone.
  • Use curbside pickup.
  • Take it to the landfill.

We talk about fire prevention every day at DNR, so when it’s time for you to clean up your property from yard waste, please consider an alternative to burning. If you need to burn, please follow the rules!