May is #WildfireAwarenessMonth

Washington state has the highest number of homes in the wildland-urban interface in the country. Yes, even more than California.

An increasingly high number of Washingtonians live next to or in one of our state’s forests, grasslands, or shrub steppe. Being wildfire aware is a key step to preventing accidental ignitions, as well as preparing our homes, properties, and communities to be as resilient against wildfire as possible.

Fire is—and always has been—an integral part of our state’s landscape. In order for our communities to continue to thrive into the 21st century, we need to continue to evolve and adapt to the changing conditions of the places we call home.

That’s why Washington has, once again, declared May as Wildfire Awareness Month. We join many states throughout the country in working together to better prepare and prevent the wildfires across our country.

Not sure how to get started? Try some of these tips:

  • Prepare around your home. When developing your home landscaping, try planting fire-resistant plants to help reduce your risk from wildfire.
  • Use Firewise Communities/USA® tips to help keep your landscape clean and green.
  • Unite with your neighbors – start a Firewise Communities/USA® Recognition site.
  • Know the outdoor burning rules. DNR regulates outdoor burning on all forestlands where we provide wildfire protection. Don’t burn outdoors until you know the rules.
  • Have a plan when it’s time to leave – Ready, Set, Go!