ADA Accessible Adventures on DNR-Managed Land

This year, we’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) becoming a law. The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities in all areas of public life. We want our public lands to be fun, safe, accessible places for all and have worked hard to make our recreation areas more inclusive. Check out some of our best recreation sites, conservation areas, and natural areas that are open for your next ADA-accessible adventure. To learn more about other opportunities near you, check out the DNR GO! Map.

1. Olympic Region – Lyre River Campground

This beautiful, woodsy campground is located near the Lyre River in Clallam County. It’s the place to be for anglers because it offers excellent salmon fishing during the migration season. This campground features an ADA-approved fishing pier and a smooth walkway ramp. The campground itself also has a level trail leading to the wheelchair accessible restroom. For camping and longer stays, there is portable water and a day-use shelter for picnics. Lyre River Campground is the perfect spot to get away, picnic, camp and fish. 

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2. Northwest Region – Les Hilde Trailhead

The Les Hilde Trailhead is located in Harry Osborne State Forest in Skagit County. It’s a perfect spot for backcountry horseback riders and mule packers. This site is equipped with an ADA restroom and day-use shelter — perfect for a picnic. If you plan to bring your horse, there is a loading/mounting ramp and 40 miles of trails that are perfect for a day in the saddle.

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3. South Puget Sound Region- McLane Creek

Located in Capitol Forest, the McLane Creek Nature Trail is one of the best places to view wildlife and to see native salmon spawn in the fall. Explore the area along the ADA loop trail that includes easy-to-navigate boardwalks and crushed gravel. On this loop you will find four ADA viewing platforms, interpretive signs and wildlife such as birds, salmon, and beavers. There is also an ADA restroom located near the entrance. The McLane Creek Nature Trail is open year-round and it is the perfect spot to watch the seasons change. 

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4. Pacific Cascade Region- Chehalis Region Surge Plain

The Chehalis River Surge Plain is located in Grays Harbor County and offers visitors an accessible opportunity to view the unique ecology of the area. On this site, there is an ADA restroom and several picnic tables. Follow the ADA accessible trail and learn about the surge plain from colorful interpretive signs that dot your path. Make sure to keep an eye out for a beautiful variety of native plants, bugs, and wildlife — this is a premier spot for bird watching. Additionally, there is an ADA platform and a hand boat launch. DNR recently completed several projects to increase accessibility, including the installation of new ADA handrails on Preachers Trailhead Bridge.

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5. Northeast Region- Sheep Creek Campground

Sheep Creek Campground is located north of Northport, near the Canadian border. Sheep Creek is a location for visitors to camp, hunt, fish, relax and enjoy the natural beauty of northern Stevens County. Surrounded by forest, it is the perfect getaway spot to unwind in the outdoors. This site is equipped with two ADA restrooms. Enjoy the tranquil water of Sheep Creek with a nice lunch at the picnic tables or drop a line from the ADA fishing platform. If you just can’t get enough, there are several campsites with fire rings available.

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6. Southeast Region- Whites Ridge Trailhead

The Whites Ridge Trailhead is located in in the Ahtanum Forest in Yakima County. This trailhead has an ADA restroom, picnic tables and shelter for day-usae. White Ridge also has a horse mounting ramp that meets up with the pavement for easier accessibility. While you ride your horse on the White Ridge Trail, expect to see breathtaking views of Mount Adams and the Yakima Valley.

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DNR welcomes everyone to recreate and enjoy our sites. We have worked to make our sites ADA approved and we will continue to improve our sites to become more accommodating and inclusive. Thank you to our tireless volunteers, the Recreation Conservation Office, and partner organizations — like Washington Trails Association and Backcountry Horsemen — that have helped us make our sites more ADA accessible.   

These are just a few of our sites that are ADA-approved. Please visit the DNR GO! Map to explore more options in your area. Celebrate this 30th Anniversary with DNR.

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