Funding for local and rural fire districts is here: Applications open Oct. 16

Several factors affect the impact of wildfire in Washington, including the capacity of rural fire districts to respond to wildfires.

That’s where DNR’s Fire District Assistance Program can help. We administer grants to help local fire districts and departments obtain more resources.

Applications to gear up for wildfire due by Dec. 13

The application period will open Oct. 16 for DNR’s Volunteer Fire Assistance Phase 2 grants. This U.S.D.A. Forest Service funding provides a 50 percent match for qualifying fire districts and departments to purchase general fire equipment, as well as fund a variety of other eligible projects for improving fire protection.

The grants are available to fire protection districts and departments in Washington state that respond to wildland fires on private, state or federal lands and:

  • serve communities with a population of 10,000 or fewer residents, or
  • serve communities of more than 10,000 residents AND a service area that includes a rural community of fewer than 10,000 residents, and
  • have a volunteer firefighter membership of 70 percent or greater

Applications for the Volunteer Fire Assistance Grant Program must be received by Dec. 13, 2020.

Grant requirements, including district eligibility, types of projects eligible for funding and grant applications, can be viewed at DNR’s Fire District Assistance Program webpage starting Tuesday, Oct. 16.