Take it from us: Christmas is better with a Christmas tree.

We know that for many of you, going out into the woods on a crisp December day to cut your own Christmas tree is a grand tradition. While there are many lovely trees in our state forests, DNR does not allow them to be cut down for Christmas trees.

We don’t mean to be Scrooges, but the trust forests in DNR’s care are intended for sustainably managed habitat, clean water, and revenue to the beneficiaries of state trusts, such as public schools, state universities, and critical county services.

Instead, to generate solid returns for those public services – we generated nearly $240 million from our forestlands last fiscal year – we have to wait until the trees in the forest have reached maturity before auctioning them for harvest.

However, there are plenty of places on federal lands for Washington residents to be able to cut their own Christmas trees, and there are also many tree farms open for residents shopping across the state.

National Forests

Private tree farms

Here’s hoping for a safe harvest, and a happy holiday season, too!