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Sometimes it takes a horse to get the job done

August 27, 2012
Horse drawn logging

Horse teams are still in use for logging in special situations, such as small timber or in environmentally or aesthetically sensitive areas. Photo: DNR.

Washington State’s forest practices rules (administered by DNR) guide the use of ground-based harvesting systems. Ground-based systems are generally used on slopes less than 35 percent in Western Washington and less than 50 percent in Eastern Washington. The rules also set skidding distances (how far logs may be dragged) and other important activities.

Among the various ground-based systems is one that is fully non-motorized, but has plenty of horsepower: horses, that is. Horse-drawn harvesting can be useful where the timber is small, there will be only partial harvesting on level ground, and the area is aesthetically or environmentally sensitive.

To help small forest landowners, loggers and natural resource professionals — and the public — understand the rules governing forest practices, DNR publishes the online Forest Practices Illustrated. This publication is an overview of the forest rules that protect public resources as well as water, fish, wildlife and state and municipal capital improvements.

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Recreation alert and update: Sherry Creek Campground closed for the summer season

July 28, 2011

Several weeks ago, we alerted readers about timber harvest activity taking place near the Sherry Creek Campground, east of Colville. Given the large  amount of heavy truck traffic in the area and in the interest of public safety, DNR has temporarily closed the campground for the remainder of the summer.

Learn more about where you can camp on DNR-managed lands in Little Pend Oreille Block or Stevens County. Or contact Brett Walker at 509-684-7474.

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Recreation updates
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Recreation alert: Timber harvest activity takes place this summer near Sherry Creek Campground, east of Colville

July 8, 2011

If you’re planning a trip to Sherry Creek campground in Little Pend Oreille this summer, DNR wants you to know that a timber harvest is underway and will continue through most of the summer. The area will be busy with a lot of activity, including at least 20 large truckloads a day moving across the main access road.

In addition, crews will be crushing rocks for road surfacing. The main access road may also need to be closed periodically.

For more information about how timber harvesting in this recreation area may affect your plans, contact Brett Walker at 509-684-7474.

Located 24 miles east of Colville in DNR’s Northeast Region, Sherry Creek is a popular off-road vehicle (ORV) riding area on DNR-managed state trust lands.

Timber harvests and recreation
Timber activity on state trust lands can sometimes affect recreation access. It’s always good practice to be extra cautious while recreating on forest roads. Log trucks don’t stop quickly. Check DNR’s website for updates about timber activity and recreation on DNR-managed lands at

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Recreation Alert: Be extra cautious in Ahtanum State Forest this summer – timber harvest begins Monday

June 24, 2011
Picnickers and log trucks at Tree Phones Campground.

A log truck travels past Tree Phones Campground in Ahtanum State Forest. Photo: Toni Droscher/DNR

Beginning Monday, June 27, outdoor recreationists heading to Ahtanum State Forest can expect to encounter heavy equipment traffic as a timber harvest gets into full swing.

This summer, expect anywhere from 20 to 30 log or chip trucks each day, as well as road graders and water trucks. Always yield to these vehicles. They are big, and they don’t stop quickly.

Harvest activity will affect traffic near the Tree Phones Campground, along the Middle Fork Ahtanum Road to Tampico.

For safety reasons, DNR is closing the large parking area at Tree Phones Campground for use as a staging area for the chip trucks. You can still camp at Tree Phones Campground during the timber harvest.

The timber harvest will continue through late October, depending on weather conditions. Ahtanum State Forest is 30 miles west of Yakima.

If you have a CB radio, monitor channel 14 for truck traffic updates. For more information, contact Ken McNamee, DNR’s Southeast Region Alpine District Manager, 509-925-0937 (office); 509-899-2883 (mobile); or

Wondering about other recreation areas?
DNR updates its web site with information about seasonal and temporary closures as well as other information you need to plan your outdoor adventure. Visit

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