Clear as mud – Cleaning up the mystery behind ORV tabs and the Discover Pass

Off-road motorcycles get ready to explore DNR trails. Photo: DNR
Off-road motorcycles get ready to explore DNR trails. Photo: DNR

Rev up your engines; it’s time to explore DNR trails!

Before you go, we want to clear up any confusion with the Discover Pass and ORV tabs. Inquiring minds have asked if they need to have both the pass and the tabs for their ORV… and the simple answer is….no.

So, here is the nitty gritty:

  • If your ORV is registered and licensed for highway use, you will need a Discover Pass.
  • If it is not licensed and registered, you will need an ORV tab.

It’s that simple.

…well, it’s almost that simple.

If you have to tow your ORV to the trail head, you are required to display a Discover Pass to park the tow vehicle.

Here is where it could get tricky.

 If you are towing a dual sport motorcycle that is licensed and registered for highway use, you will need two Discover Passes – one for the tow vehicle and one for the motorcycle.

Can my ORV be the second vehicle on my Discover Pass?

The Discover Pass is now transferable between vehicles including your registered motorcycle… but it is only valid for one vehicle at a time. You will need two Discover Passes to tow and use your dual sport motorcycle or 4×4 in the same trip

So, how do you display a Discover Pass on a motorcycle?

Not to worry, DNR does not require that you display your Discover Pass in the front windshield like you would in your car or truck. You can just carry it with you.

Purchase your Discover Pass.

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