Stronger together: DNR helping communities prepare for wildfire

Trilogy at Redmond Ridge is taking steps to protect their community from wildfire. Photo DNR/Janet Pearce
Trilogy at Redmond Ridge is taking steps to protect their community from wildfire. Photo DNR/Janet Pearce

Some 29 Washington communities will receive up to $1,500 each from DNR to put towards Firewise Challenge activities.  Projects such as clearing out burnable debris from around homes and roofs will make these communities safer from wildfire.

Is your community one of them?  Find out how to become a Firewise community, below.

Congratulations to:

DNR-supported partners                            Communities

San Juan Island Fire Department                        Friday Harbor, WA
Chelan County Fire District 3                           Leavenworth, WA
Bretz Rd and Dr                                                       Leavenworth, WA
Jenkins Lane                                                              Darrington, WA
Eagles Crest Homeowners Association          Edmonds, WA
Malloy Prairie Corridor                                        Medical Lake, WA
Flower Trail                                                               Spokane, WA
Skykomish Fire/KCFD 50                                          Skykomish, WA
Spokane County FD 8                                            Valleyford, WA
Alpenview Estates                                                    Leavenworth, WA
Lake Cushman                                                           Hoodsport, WA
Lincoln County Conservation District            Davenport, WA
Shelter Bay                                                                   La Conner, WA
North Fork Tampico                                               Yakima, WA
Diobsud Creek                                                            Woodinville, WA
Trilogy at Redmond Ridge                                     Redmond, WA
Spokane County FD 3                                               Cheney, WA
Hartstene Pointe                                                          Shelton, WA
Sallal Meadows                                                             North Bend, WA
Surfside Homeowners Association                      Ocean Park, WA
Big Rock                                                                          Naches, WA
High Prairie                                                                   Lyle, WA
Keystone Acres                                                            Goldendale, WA
Ponderosa Community Club                                  Leavenworth, WA
Chelminar                                                                      Tieton, WA
Ritchie Road Community                                        Nine Mile Falls, WA
Four Mound                                                                  Nine Mile Falls, WA
Spokane County FD5                                                Nine Mile Falls, WA
Mirrormont Community Association                Issaquah, WA

Firewise is a national program that teaches individuals how to adapt to living with wildfire and encourages neighbors to take action together to prevent losses. Firewise principles focus on the “home ignition zone” and defensible space, and include actions such as cleaning up debris on and around your home and managing vegetation within 100 feet.  These grants are funding fuel reduction projects, community tools for ongoing efforts, education and outreach, home assessments and equipment or even address signs to assist with emergency response.

DNR works with local fire districts, conservation districts, counties, and extension programs to help Washington residents benefit from the Firewise Communities/USA® Program.  Through these efforts 127 communities across the state are nationally recognized, with more on the way.

By their actions, communities like these grant winners and others can earn national recognition from the Firewise Communities/USA® Program for taking steps to reduce wildfire threats to their homes and other structures. See what a community in Redmond is doing to reduce their risk from wildfire in this KOMO news story.

Washington’s climate is changing and as a result wildfire seasons are getting longer and more intense. Print out this homeowner checklist and see what you can do to lessen your risk to wildfire. By taking simple steps, you may not only protect yourself and your family, but also the firefighters who put their lives at risk to fight wildfires. Fire is everyone’s fight.

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